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About us

At The iT Store we offer a range of much needed services based around the Apple ecosystem. We remain totally independent from Apple to allow us to offer advice and assistance on a full range of associated products and software as well as offering deeper repairs not offered by Apple including data recovery, liquid damage repair (not replacement) and the option of guaranteed third party and reconditioned parts to keep the cost down for our customer.

What we do

Our range of warrantied preowned Apple products give our customers a more affordable route into the Apple brand and our added services such as data transfer, basic iCloud setup and initial user training within the price of the device gives our loyal customers peace of mind that they will be able to cope with the anxiety of introducing and upgrading their Apple products.

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We have successfully established ourselves in Canterbury with almost 10,000 happy customers and we are now keen to take the brand to busier and more affluent markets across the UK, starting with a flagship store in Kingston upon Thames.

The new Kingston store includes 900 sq.ft of retail space coupled with a dedicated repair centre and training suite.

Kingston was identified as a prime location for our services thanks to a dense population with one of the highest household disposable incomes in the UK. There is a large Apple Store and a John Lewis with Apple department in the town centre who flood the market with new Apple devices and have created a large Apple-using customer base. This local market is estimated to be at least 10 times greater than that of Canterbury.

This store will act as a hub to support smaller satellite stores across London.

Kingston is within easy reach of every region within north, south, west and central London and the high population means we could easily open numerous smaller stores across London. These will be supported by the full team located in Kingston and our own couriers will be used to quickly move stock and repairs around our network to ensure customers can get the products and services they need in the shorted amount of time.

See our pitch

We are able to offer an investment opportunity at this early stage from individuals and venture capital partners which will give the chance to benefit from our overall growth at this early stage. We can take in investment from as little as £1,000 and we also have a rewards program that will offer investors regular deals and offers depending on their level of investment. If you're interested please complete the form below and we will be in touch with more information.

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